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xAP (pronounced ZAP) is an open protocol intended to support the integration of telemetry and control devices primarily within the home - it is the glue that supports the interconnectivity of Home Automation devices. More information can be found at the xAP homepage and by reading the protocol specification.

xAP Framework.NET (xFx) is a class library application framework designed to support xAP applications written for Microsoft's .NET Framework on the Windows platform. It aims to encapsulate all aspects of the xAP specification and make .NET xAPplications as easy as possible to write.

BAZ485 is a lightweight PIC bases RS485 network designed for simple device control. It is based around the xAP BSC Scheme and translates to this through the connector. For an introduction please click here

Please note that you must have the Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 installed in order to run the software on this web site, unless otherwise stated.
New Website
Posted by pbarrett on 2005-07-16 16:33:37 GMT
Due to the recent hacker activity on my website I have written a new site which I hope will be less vulnerable to attacks.

There is really only the bare minimum at the moment; I will add features as time permits.

I hope this new site will grow and become a place of interest for the home automation arena.

RS485 Network Update
Posted by pbarrett on 2005-03-15 21:53:56 GMT
After many problems with the small PIC devices I am using (mainly limited program space) to develop this RS485 network, I have decided to reduce the network burden by using a very light weight protocol instead of full xAP.

The protocol I have devised is a fixed (10 bytes) packet protocol which runs on a 4800bps RS485 network. This protocol has the ability to implement the full BSC specification which is then converted into full xAP packets by the connector.

Once I have a prototype switch and output node I will upload the sources and documents to the website.

As the nodes will no longer be implementing the xAP protocol I will have to change the name of the devices. If anyone has any suggestions for the name please get in touch.

New Firefox RSS Support
Posted by pbarrett on 2004-11-11 19:43:27 GMT
BAZAutomation.com now has support for the live bookmark feature of Firefox.